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Faculty & Staff Profiles

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Kimberlee Frederick, Principal
Jill Conaway, Associate Principal
Lynn Kohrs, Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Thompson, Administrative Assistant
Nikki Cumming, Administrative Assistant


Electives & Support Curriculum

Tina Muller, Physical Education
Deb Ellis, Art
Daniel Kuzuhara, Music
Kelli Selje, Band Director
Tricia Brehmer, Reading Specialist
Rachel Woldt, Middle School Teacher and Spanish
Tracy Lipinski, School Counselor
Toni Smith, Librarian
Joel Vizek, Technology Coordinator

Food Services & Building Maintenance

Jessica Monteferrante, Director of Food Services
Kris Thielen, Food Services
Lisa Garstka, Food Services
Ben Berry, School Custodian and Maintenance
Alex Greene, School Custodian and Maintenance


4K and Daycare

Lynn Watkins, Director of the Daycare Program
Leslie Heaslett, 4K Teacher
Theresa Guelker, 4K Teacher's Aide
Donna Minetta, 4K Teacher
Irfida Meitasari, 4K Assistant


Jean Belanger, Kindergarten Teacher (K1)
Lisa Fischer, Kindergarten Teacher's Aide (K1)
Patty Soukup, Kindergarten Teacher (K2)
Jenni Hayes, Kindergarten Teacher's Aide (K2)

Grades 1 through 5

Maura Crooks, Grade 1-3 Aide
Sandi Snyder, 1st Grade Teacher
Jenny Cole, 1st Grade Teacher
Jackie Kleiber, 2nd Grade Teacher
Tim Kasprzak, 2nd Grade Teacher
Jackie Burwell, 3rd Grade Teacher
Marilyn Gallagher, 3rd Grade Teacher
Therese Kort, 4th Grade Teacher
Julie Butcher, 4th Grade Teacher
Carol Lund, 5th Grade Teacher
Brad Feider, 5th Grade Teacher

Grades 6 through 8

Stephanie Schoenberger, Middle School
Denise Bradley, Middle School
Crystal Wills, Middle School
Rebecca Renk, Middle School
Meg Aspinwall, Middle School
Andy Schantz, Middle School
Amber De Petro, Middle School
Rachel Woldt, Middle School


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Mission Statement

We, at Sacred Hearts School, believe that as members of a Catholic community, students will witness to and experience the love of God in a warm and caring atmosphere. This environment provides learning experiences which allow each child the opportunity for personal growth. The family, school, and parish work as partners in this endeavor.

About Us

Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary School in Sun Prairie is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Madison. Established in 1892, Sacred Hearts is one of the largest schools in the Diocese with approximately 460 students Pre-3 through 8th grade.

Contact Us

School Office: 608-837-8508
Fax: 608-825-9585
Daycare & Preschool: 825-3004
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