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Policy Handbook

This is the Sacred Hearts School Policy Handbook. Please review each section in order to find the details regarding a specific school policy.

Mission Statement

We, at Sacred Hearts School, believe that as members of a Catholic community, students will witness to and experience the love of God in a warm and caring atmosphere. This environment provides learning experiences which allow each child the opportunity for personal growth. The family, school, and parish work as partners in this endeavor.


See the special Admissions tab on the website menu for complete information on 4K through 8th grade admissions.

Appointments, Athletics, Attendance & Band

Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments outside of regular school hours. If it is necessary to make appointments during the school day, the teacher and office should be notified in writing prior to the appointment, if possible. The office will prepare a 'release slip' for the student. The adult picking up the child must go to the office, get the 'release slip' and sign the child out, and then give the release slip to the child’s teacher. Upon the child's return to school, the parent/guardian/authorized adult will need to sign the child back in at the office. The school will not release a student to any person unless a parent/guardian has authorized this release. Kindergarteners and preschoolers are released from their own buildings and there is no need for parents/guardians to check in at the office.

Our athletic programs provide experiences to our students in grades 5 through 8 to help them develop Christian attitudes of cooperation and competition, as well as to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. Athletics should enhance and complement the education program. Participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the parish, team, school, and the student him/herself. Effort, academic progress, and behavior qualify students to participate in the athletic program. The principal makes the final decision regarding participation. Please refer to the Athletic Handbook for specific details related to athletic polices.

Regular school attendance should be a priority for all students/families. It is imperative students arrive at school on time. A child is considered tardy if he or she arrives after the 8:05 a.m. bell. For safety reasons, parents are to call the school each day their child is absent or arrives late. Please do so before 9 a.m. The office will call if the absence has not been reported.

Students in Grades 4 to 8 are offered the opportunity to take lessons to play a musical instrument and be a part of either the Beginning or Advanced Band. A teacher hired and supervised by Overture Band Programs, Inc., provides the lessons at Sacred Hearts School. Lessons and band rehearsals are held during regular school hours. Students in Grades 6 through 8 can also audition for Honors Band, which practices after school hours at Saint Maria Goretti. There is an additional fee for band lessons. Instrument rentals are also available.

Bicycles, Family Envelopes, Bus

Bicycles may be brought to school if they are placed in the rack provided and locked. Unlocked bicycles are the responsibility of the student. Students must walk bicycles on and off the playground and are not permitted to ride them on any part of school premises during school hours. Students are encouraged to participate in the bicycle safety program offered each spring by the Sun Prairie Police Department.

Information is communicated to school families through a family envelope system. The envelopes are posted on the first day of school each week on the school's website ( Please read the entire posting online each week, print of any pertinent information, fill out what needs to be returned to school, and enclose in the family envelope that is sent home each week with the youngest child of the family. Anyone wishing to submit something for distribution, must have prior approval from the principal.

Bus transportation is regulated by the school district in which you reside. You can obtain specific information by calling the central office of your school district and asking for the person in charge of transportation. Children are to follow the safety rules given by the bus drivers. Students may be disciplined at school for misbehavior on the bus. Transportation may be denied to those who refuse to cooperate with the rules of the bus. The bus loading and unloading area is on Vine Street. Cars may not park in this area. Safety cadets assist the children in boarding buses at school dismissal. A student who wants to take the bus to a friend's house must be a regular bus rider. The student will need to bring a note signed by their parent, have it signed by the principal, and then give it to the bus driver. Students who are not usual bus riders will need to make other transportation arrangements. Anyone who transports students to or from any school-related event, such as field trips or athletic events, must have a verification of insurance on file in the school office. The school will not authorize any students to be transported home from school without permission from the parents of the student.

Cell Phones, Curriculum, Class Parties, & Daycare

Although cell phones and iPods have become very common in today's society, these items are not needed in the educational environment. Students who bring these items to school must turn them OFF and leave them in their backpacks/lockers at all times. Students are not to use their phone to make a call, text message, play games, or access voice mail or internet via phone or iPod during the school day. Students who violate this policy may have their phone or iPod confiscated and returned to the parent. These items may not be used on school grounds, including the playground, during school hours unless given permission by a staff member.

The curriculum at Sacred Hearts follows the Curriculum Standards of the Diocese of Madison and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. A complete description of the curriculum standards is available online at

Students are not permitted to hold parties in the classroom without the cooperation of the teacher and the knowledge of the principal. Classrooms are encouraged to celebrate the holidays and the birthdays of the students. Students are permitted to bring birthday treats if they bring one for each student. Students may only hand out invitations to parties if they have one for each member of the class. Students may not have pizza/lunch parties for their birthday or receive deliveries such as flowers or balloons.

Sacred Hearts Daycare is open year-round. The daycare provides before and after school care for school-aged children and daycare for 4-year-olds enrolled in Sacred Hearts afternoon preschool. For more information, please contact the daycare at 608-825-3004.


    As members of a Christian community, we believe each of us is created in the image and likeness of God. Discipline implies a way of learning and behaving. One of the most important facets of education involves the learning of an inner discipline and the wise use of freedom. It is expected that students respect themselves, those with whom they come in contact, and the facilities and materials available to them. Parental support is essential for the effectiveness of the discipline policy. Sacred Hearts follows a school wide behavioral program called "The Spartan Way". This program has three basic expectations: Respect, Responsibility, and Safety. Students are taught what each of these expectations look like in all areas of the school.
    A student will be reprimanded for an action that endangers the health, safety, or welfare of him/herself, fellow students, and school personnel, or for actions that impede the learning process. School property that is damaged or destroyed must be repaired or replaced by the parties responsible.

    We reserve the right to deem any behavior inappropriate and impose appropriate consequences for such behavior. The administration reserves the right to discipline students for off-campus behavior, such as cyber-bullying, that is not in line with the behavior expectations of Sacred Hearts School. Any items brought on Sacred Hearts School grounds may be searched.

    Reasons for disciplinary action include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Disrespect for others (teachers, staff, volunteers, students)
  • Disruption and disturbance of classes
  • Fighting or provoking a fight
  • Lying, cheating, plagiarism, or stealing
  • Excessive tardiness or unexcused absences
  • Leaving school premises without permission
  • Possession of any dangerous or illicit items such as weapons
  • Use or possession of tobacco, alcohol or drugs
  • Harassment -- verbal, physical, sexual
  • Threats (real or in jest) -- verbal, physical; to school personnel, other students, or to the building
  • Bullying or Cyber-bullying
  • Violations of any school policy

  • Consequences vary according to age and development. These consequences may include but are not limited to:
  • Discipline Form
  • Loss of recess
  • Restricted lunch privileges
  • Conferences with parents or principal
  • Detention
  • Individual contracts to improve behavior
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

  • Academic Honesty (Taken from the Sun Prairie School District)
    Academic honesty requires that a student’s work reflects the student’s own academic effort. Cheating includes communicating with another student about an assessment or assignment without permission to do so, giving or taking answers from another student, leaving answers exposed, or attempts to read another student’s work. Plagiarism involves using another person’s ideas, works, and presenting it as one’s own by not properly crediting the author. Plagiarism includes downloading papers from the Internet and downloading parts of a paper from the Internet without quoting or crediting the source. Disciplinary actions for academic dishonesty may include, but are not limited to: no credit for assignment/test/project, detention, parent phone call.

  • Suspension/Expulsion
    Diocesan Board of Education Policy 5120: Discipline should be considered a learning process administered through correction rather than punishment. In this context, suspension and expulsion would be discipline measures of last resort and would usually not be administered until other corrective measures have been tried unsuccessfully.
    Suspension is ordinarily imposed for less serious offenses and is normally of fixed duration. Expulsion is permanent and is imposed only for serious offenses.

  • While suspension/expulsion is usually imposed as a result of student conduct or action, in limited cases it may be imposed as a consequence of the behavior or actions of the student's parent(s) or guardian(s), which seriously disrupts the school or its educational personnel. Actions by students or parents for which suspension may be imposed include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Defiance of persons or violation of rules
  • Disrespect towards staff, students, volunteers, or property
  • Preventing a teacher from teaching
  • Continuous disruption of the classroom or of the school, in general.

  • Expulsion is an extreme measure and will be used in only very rare occasions. A student may be expelled for repeatedly refusing or neglecting to obey school rules. A student may also be expelled for engaging in conduct which endangers the health, safety, or property of others. Actions by students or parents for which expulsion may be imposed include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Striking or assaulting any school employee
  • Unprovoked battery and/or attack resulting in injury to any other person
  • Exhibiting or using any dangerous weapon on or near the school premises
  • Use or possession of any controlled substances by student
  • Making a bomb threat or setting off an explosive device
  • Serious criminal activity, regardless of whether it occurred at school or on school grounds
  • Threats made towards people or the school building itself

  • Whenever a student is expelled, the school district in which he/she resides will be notified of the expulsion.

Dress Code, Emergency Plan, Field Trips

    The dress code is aimed at encouraging students to take pride in themselves and in their appearance, while not calling attention to themselves. Appropriate attire will promote a positive Christian environment, where learning and respect for others are of primary importance. With this in mind, we have set the following guidelines:

    Students are to wear clothing that is neat, clean, and modest.
  2. Shirts must be long enough to remain tucked in during normal range of motion. No bare midriffs.
  3. Sleeveless shirts must have a collar.
  4. Clothing must cover 3/4 of the leg above the knee.
  5. Hats/caps are not to be worn in the school building or in any public building.
  6. No undergarments may be showing at any time.
  7. Students may not have body parts pierced other than ears.
  8. Students must dress appropriately for the weather.
  9. Students are not allowed to color their hair with unnatural temporary or permanent hair color (i.e. orange, blue, pink, etc.) unless given permission by the principal.
  10. Clothing, hairstyles, or accessories should not cause a distraction to the learning environment.
  11. Students should wear shirts without graphics, pictures, slogans or words.
  12. Students who have a part in Mass/ prayer service should dress in a manner that reflects the importance of their role (no shorts/athletic pants).

  13. Clothing items which are not permitted include:
  14. Clothing with any reference to alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
  15. Clothing which depicts violence, death, or inappropriate TV shows/movies.
  16. 'Attitude' t-shirts. Shirts that have sayings or pictures that are sarcastic or have a negative overtone (ex: “Sister for Sale”).
  17. Excessively tight pants or shirts.
  18. Clothing with holes.
  19. Expressions written on the backside of pants/sweatpants (ex: “Princess”).
  20. Chains hanging from pockets.
  21. Spandex clothing.
  22. For STUDENTS IN GRADES 5-8: No yoga or tight fitting leggings.

  23. Parents are responsible for what their children wear. We reserve the right to decide what is appropriate and to ask a student not to wear a particular item of clothing. Dress code violations may result in disciplinary action. Parents may be asked to bring a change of clothing for their child if it is very inappropriate.

Sacred Hearts School has a written plan that outlines procedures for all types of emergencies. All classrooms have a copy of these procedures. Emergency plans are practiced throughout the school year.

Field trips enhance the curriculum and students are expected to attend. A permission slip signed by a parent/guardian must be obtained for each student participating in a field trip and must be turned into the office before the trip. The student pays the costs of transportation and fees. If you need financial assistance, please contact the principal. Siblings enrolled at Sacred Hearts School are not permitted to attend other siblings’ field trips. Non-school-aged siblings may attend field trips at the discretion of the teacher and principal.

Finances, Fundraising, Gum, Health/Medical

Sacred Hearts Parish is dedicated to providing quality Catholic education for all families. The school is funded by tuition, subsidy from the parishes of Sacred Hearts and St. Albert’s, interest earned from the endowment fund, and fundraising efforts. Therefore, in choosing Sacred Hearts School for their children’s education, parents make a commitment to financially support the school. The tuition rates are established and reviewed annually by the School Commission with the approval of the Finance and Pastoral Councils.

At the time of registration, each family signs a tuition contract indicating their choice of payment options. Parents are responsible for payment of the amount of tuition remaining after subtracting subsidies from the parish to which they belong. Families who do not fulfill their financial obligations to Sacred Hearts School jeopardize their enrollment status. Report cards/student records may be held if financial commitments are not met. Recognizing that some families may need assistance in keeping their financial commitments to Sacred Hearts School, programs of tuition aid and grants are offered to those who qualify. Tuition fees will be pro-rated for families who withdraw during the school year.

Because tuition, endowment, and parish subsidy do not presently meet the costs of educating our children, each family is required to participate in the fundraisers established to help us meet our financial obligations. Parent cooperation in these projects is essential to their success. A detailed description of each fundraiser is sent home at the beginning of the year. We ask you to also consider volunteering to help coordinate or run one of our fundraisers throughout the year.

Students are not permitted to chew gum in school unless given special permission by their teacher or another staff member.

A current record of immunization history is to be on file in the office for every student. State law prohibits the dispensing of medication by school personnel without a written release from a physician or parent for prescriptions or over-the-counter medication. All prescription and over the counter medication must be in the original labeled container with the name of the child and medication directions. The office is required to monitor all medications. All medications are kept in the school office in a locked cabinet. Students may not keep medications -- both over-the-counter and prescription medications -- in their lockers/backpacks with the exception of authorized (by physician and school office) inhalers and epi-pens.
Parents are asked to keep their children home if they are too sick to participate in school activities. Any child with a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea will be sent home. Students must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Homework, Hot Lunch, Internet, Library, Lockers

Homework is an essential part of our school’s program. Homework is intended to increase a child’s ability to work independently, become self-reliant, and improve proficiency in a subject. It requires students to complete work promptly and accurately, and takes priority over extra-curricular activities. Parents can help by providing the right environment for concentration, ample time, and above all, encouragement. If you notice that your child is consistently without homework, has too much homework, or does not understand assignments, please contact your child’s teacher.

Hot lunch is served daily. To avoid wasting food, parents are asked to consult the monthly menus to determine when their children will eat hot lunch. Milk may be purchased for cold lunches. All lunches must be purchased in advance. The opportunity to apply for free or reduced lunch is available at any time during the year. All money for lunches is to be sent in the envelopes printed for this purpose. Checks should be made out to Sacred Hearts School. Lunches or milk may not be charged. We cannot provide credit for this program.

Internet access is for authorized educational and research purposes in the classrooms, library, or while using the school computer lab. Access entails responsibility. Students are responsible for appropriate behavior online just as they are in other areas of the school. All Internet users are aware that some accessible material may be offensive, illegal, defamatory or in opposition to our Catholic beliefs. Sacred Hearts will take reasonable precautions to restrict access to controversial materials. An adult supervisor must be present at all times during student Internet use. Students may not access the Internet on personal devices without permission.

Students are not allowed to create, send or access e-mails from school that are of a personal nature. They are permitted to use electronic mail when it is of a curricular nature or are instructed to do so by a teacher. The use of instant messaging or chat rooms is prohibited. Use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right. The principal and teachers will deem what is appropriate use. The system administrator will review files and communications to ensure that students are using it responsibly. Inappropriate use of the Internet will result in serious consequences. Student’s may be disciplined for online blogs such as Facebook or MySpace, that include content (comments or photos) which are defamatory towards the school, faculty, or other students.
Sacred Hearts School reserves the right to post photographs of students on the school’s website. Student names will not be posted. Parents who do not want their child’s photo to appear on the school website can contact the school office.

A supply of books, reference materials, magazines, computers, iPads, and other learning materials are available for students to use in the school library and for checkout. Students are permitted to withdraw as many as 3 books at a time for a period of two weeks. Renewal of these books for another two weeks is possible. A fine of $.05 per book per day will be charged for overdue books. If a book is damaged, the student will be charged for the cost of repair or replacement. Full price will be charged for lost books. Students who do not abide by these rules will lose library privileges.

Students are assigned a locker at the beginning of the year. These lockers are to be kept in good order and may not be locked. Students may use magnets only to decorate their lockers with appropriate items. Lockers are the property of Sacred Hearts School. We have the right to search the contents at any time. All student backpacks must be soft-sided and be able to fit inside lockers. Students are not permitted to store backpacks or other personal property in school hallways or classrooms during the school day, with the exception of boots.

Lost & Found, Lunch Schedule, Parental Concerns, Parking, Playground

A box for lost articles is kept at school. Parents are asked to have their children look through this box when things are missing. Articles not claimed within a reasonable time are given to the needy.

Kindergarten:  11:20 - 12:00
Grade 6-8:     12:00 - 12:40
Grade 1:       11:30 - 12:10
Grade 2:       11:35 - 12:15
Grade 3:       11:45 - 12:25
Grade 4:       11:55 - 12:35
Grade 5:       12:05 - 12:45

At any time during the school year if a question arises concerning your child or Sacred Hearts School, please contact the faculty or staff member most closely associated with the question. If further help is needed to resolve the concern, please contact the principal. All attempts at settling a grievance at the lowest possible administrative level must first be exhausted. Those levels include in this order: teacher/ staff, principal, pastor. Confidentiality shall be maintained at all times by all parties.

No vehicles are permitted on the playground between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm. Cars must always be parked in a legal parking spot. Parents may not park anywhere in front of school on Church Street between the stop sign and the carpool lot in order to drop off or pick up students at any time. Please do not park, or wait in your car, in the crosswalks, in posted areas. You may not park in the lot behind the parish center to drop off or pick up students.

Students are expected to show respect for teachers, supervisors, other students, and the school grounds at all times while on the playground. Safety is the number one priority on the playground. Students are to adhere to all directions given by the playground supervisors. Each classroom has a detailed list of playground rules and polices that students are oriented to each year.

Recycling, Report Cards, Safety Cadets, Schedules

Each of us has a responsibility to care for what God has created. Recycling is one way we accept responsibility as good stewards of the earth. Students and teachers at Sacred Hearts are responsible for recycling both in their classroom and in the cafeteria.

Report cards are issued quarterly in Grades Kindergarten through 8 and at the end of each semester in Preschool. Parents may also receive student progress reports in the middle of the quarter at the teachers’ discretion. Parent-teacher-student conferences are held at the end of the first quarter and whenever requested during the school year. When a concern arises about a student’s performance or the curriculum, please contact the teacher most directly involved.

Eighth grade students serve as Safety Cadets. Their function is to direct, instruct, and assist the students in safely crossing the street, boarding buses, getting into cars, and riding bicycles properly. Cadets do not direct traffic. Cadets may also serve in other capacities within the school where needed.

7:55  First Bell/Doors Open
8:05  Announcements
3:03  Bus Dismissal
3:05  Cars, Walkers, Daycare Dismissal (M, T, W, F)
1:43  Bus Dismissal (Early Release Thursdays)
1:45  Cars, Walkers, Daycare Dismissal (Early Release Thursdays)

The school begins supervision of students at 7:45 am. Students who do not take the bus or who are not enrolled in the Daycare Program should not arrive before 7:50 am. All students should be promptly picked up by 3:15 pm. or by 1:55 pm on Early Release Thursdays.

Student Records, Telephone Calls, Vacation, Visiting, Volunteers/Virtus, Weather/Closings

Sacred Hearts School keeps accurate records of each student’s attendance, academic progress and other records as required by law, such as immunizations. Student records are considered property of the school. In the event a student would transfer to another school, parents/guardians will be asked to sign a record release form and the records will be forwarded directly to the new school. Parents/guardians have the right to examine their child’s records in the presence of school administration, but may not remove or add anything to the records without the principal’s approval. Student records will not be transferred upon withdrawal/ graduation unless all tuition/ fees are paid.

The school office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Neither teachers nor students will be called from their classes to answer the telephone unless it is an emergency. Parents will be given a list of teachers’ extensions at the beginning of the year for their convenience. Students will not be permitted to use the phone to call for items they should have brought to school such as gym clothes, homework, etc. Students will not be allowed to use the phone to make after school plans (i.e.ask for permission to go to a friend’s house).

When children are absent for extended periods of time during the school year, they miss a tremendous amount of learning. With this in mind, we encourage families to take vacations during school breaks. If you do plan to take your child out of school for a vacation, please be sure to send written notification to your child’s teacher and school office. Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher for his/her class work well in advance. VISITING Parents are welcome to visit the school, classroom, or playground at any time. For safety reasons, all visitors are asked to report to the office, sign in, and obtain a ‘visitor’s badge’ to be worn on school premises. All visitors must enter the school building through the main doors on Columbus Street.

We encourage parents to be active in their child’s education. Volunteers are essential to our school and we ask families to volunteer as much as possible. It is recommended each family give an annual minimum of 15 hours of volunteer service to the school in some capacity. Volunteers are enlisted to help in a variety of areas including in the library, on the playground, with fundraisers and athletics, and in the classroom.

The Diocese of Madison requires and conducts a criminal background check of all volunteers having contact with children. Additionally, the Diocese of Madison requires all volunteers to complete on online “VIRTUS: Protecting God’s Children” awareness session before volunteering in school activities. This includes but is not limited to: coaches, classroom volunteers, field trip chaperones, playground volunteers, etc. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Sacred Hearts School is not involved in the decision to close school due to weather. We follow the decision of the Sun Prairie Area School District. Local TV and radio stations will carry school closings and late starts. In the event that school is released early due to severe weather, we will follow the directions on the “Emergency School Closing” form parents complete at the beginning of each school year. When a late start occurs, morning 4K will not be held.


Mission Statement

We, at Sacred Hearts School, believe that as members of a Catholic community, students will witness to and experience the love of God in a warm and caring atmosphere. This environment provides learning experiences which allow each child the opportunity for personal growth. The family, school, and parish work as partners in this endeavor.

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Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary School in Sun Prairie is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Madison. Established in 1892, Sacred Hearts is one of the largest schools in the Diocese with approximately 460 students Pre-3 through 8th grade.

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